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TV Wall Mounting Service

Installing your new TV or mounting it on the wall correctly can be frustrating when you just want to start watching. Fiddling with tools, complex instructions, and wall brackets takes time and can even leave you with an unsafely installed TV. To take the hassle out of TV installations, hire an experienced contractor to take care of it. With TV wall mounting services, you can find local offers for TV wall mounting services, TV installations, and more. Taskers can bring the skills, experience, and tools to get you up and running in no time. TV bracket installation for sky glass is also available for any smart television.

TV Wall Mounting Services are experts at installing your 4K or Ultra HD, SKY Glass, LED, or OLED flat-screen TV, making sure it is setup to make the most of your TV. TV Wall Mounting services can also set it up to work with your internet router so you can access internet TV for all your catch-up, streaming, and box-set viewing.
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TV Bracket Installation

Let us take the hard work and uncertainty of installing your own television bracket onto your wall. TV wall mounting services will have it installed for you in no time, and with over 25 years of TV installation experience, you know you are in safe hands. Installing your television on the wall will look amazing, free up some space, and create a good amount of space within your room.

TV Installation

Let the TV installation specialists come setup and install your new smart TV. Allow TV wall mounting experts to take the worry out of the procedure! Swivel, tilt, ceiling, and stud wall mounts are among the brackets available through our TV mounting and home theatre installation services to suit a variety of wall types and room layouts. All of our work is fully insured, and we promise your complete satisfaction. Our TV Wall Bracket Installation services take their time to demonstrate how to use their entertainment equipment to our consumers. TV installation specialists supply skilled and qualified installers that are dedicated to providing high-quality, precise service at a reasonable cost.

Local TV Installation Engineer

Don’t miss out on some of TV Wall Mounting Services’ amazing deals. Wiring can be neatly hidden inside unobtrusive trunking, skillfully placed to flow effortlessly into the design and decoration of your room. Our highly trained technicians can pull off their own version of the disappearing act. When feasible, they’ll disguise every troublesome cable by embedding it into the wall. You see them now, and then you don’t. Your room’s décor might be as fashionably uncluttered or elegantly minimalistic as you choose.

TV Wall Mounting specialists near me,TV Wall Mounting Service Near Me and TV Bracket Installation | TV Brackets | TV Mounting | TV Installation | TV Wall Mount | We can put your TV on the wall from an amazing £99
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TV Wall Mounting service, TV Installation, TV Brackets,TV Wall Mounting specialists near me,TV Wall Mounting Service Near Me and TV Bracket Installation | TV Brackets | TV Mounting | TV Installation | TV Wall Mount | We can put your TV on the wall from an amazing £99

1. TV Brackets

Whether it’s plasterboard, solid brick, dot & dab, or even chimney breasts, there’s a wall type for you! We can install your TV safely and securely on your wall, exactly where you want it. TV wall mounting specialists employ a variety of attachments to ensure that your TV is securely mounted, regardless of the material of your wall. With our knowledge and attention to detail, you can rest assured that TV wall mounting services near me will safely and securely place your TV on the wall!

2. Best TV Cabling

Vogel, Antifinance, and Sandstrom are just a few of the professional TV wall mounting brackets we utilise. Flat brackets, tilt brackets, articulated arm brackets, cantilever brackets, and ceiling pole mounted brackets are among the products we provide.

TV Wall Mounting and installation sercices have a wide selection of HDMI cables, and for longer length HDMI cables, we only use professional top brands that can transmit 4K ULTRA HD, Full HD 1080p, 3D, and multi-channel audio signals up to 25 metres.

TV Wall Mounting and Aerial Services specialise in full cable concealment when wall mounting your TV. We can do this by cutting into the wall to create access holes and channels that allow us to route power, aerial and HDMI cables to the TV.

After we’ve gotten you all connected, we’ll turn on the power and double-check that everything is operating properly. We can also give you a comprehensive demonstration so you know exactly what your amazing new box of tricks can do.

TV Wall Mounting service, TV Installation, TV Brackets,TV Wall Mounting service, TV Installation, TV Brackets,TV Wall Mounting specialists near me,TV Wall Mounting Service Near Me and TV Bracket Installation | TV Brackets | TV Mounting | TV Installation | TV Wall Mount | We can put your TV on the wall from an amazing £99

3. TV SEtup

We take pleasure in providing a rapid and dependable service, and while we are confident that you will like working with us, we strive to complete every installation as quickly as you can channel hop on a Tuesday night. Please make sure that you have the correct wall bracket as advised for your particular brand and size of TV before we arrive so that we can commence work right away. You’ll need all of the essential accessories and cables on hand, such as HDMI, audio cables, extension leads, and so on. For additional convenience, the TV wall mounting service can offer all cables and brackets if you choose that option when booking.

Flat mount:

‍The flat mount places the TV as little as one inch away from the wall. There is no angle adjustments as the TV screen’s position is parallel to the wall.

Tilt mount:

The tilt mount provides a vertical angle adjustment. It compensates for a TV positioned above the ideal viewing level. The tilt mount mechanism allows the TV to be spaced about two and a half inches or more from the wall.

A common place for the tilt mounted TV is above a fireplace or on a bedroom wall. A common issue for plasma TVs and some LCDs is the screen reflections which can be eliminated with the angle adjustment of the tilt mounted TV.

Tilt/swivel mount:
A tilt-swivel mount increases the viewing options and is ideal for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot..

Full motion wall mount:
The full motion TV wall mount provides the greatest degree of flexibility in terms of tilt and 360 degree swivel. When the TV is not in use, the arm of the articulating mount folds back.

Ceiling mount: Used primarily for commercial use, but may be used in the home, ceiling mounts work best mounted close to the ceiling or when wall space is limited. Ceiling mounts are found in many restaurants and bars.

More space
‍In rooms with limited floor or wall space, a TV mount can create more free space.


‍It enables you to have less furniture in your viewing area.
‍Make the most of your wall space by utilizing the space above a fireplace in a living room or perhaps above a dresser in a bedroom.

Wall Mounting

‍Reduce the risk of your flat-panel LCD or plasma TV from being damaged. Damaged flat screen TV pixels can be difficult to repair. Placing your TV in low, high traffic areas may result in damage from the screen being touched or hit by an object.
‍Deter theft: A thief will more easily steal a free standing TV than a TV hanging on a wall.


Keep your TV out of the reach of your children or visiting children. No more worrying about an input change, button being pushed, or an inquisitive child climbing on an entertainment centre.


Viewing Angle
View your TV from different angles without any reduction in picture quality.

This will depend on many aspects of the installation that your require.

Basic TV Wall Mounting, includes mounting the TV on the wall with no cabling solution: 1 – 2 Hours dependent on the TV Size
Mid Range TV Wall Mounting, includes mounting the TV on the wall with a simple cabling solution i.e. Trunking: 1 – 3 Hours dependent on the TV Size.

Premium TV Wall Mounting, including mounting the TV on the wall with cavity/wall chase to conceal cables: 3+ Hours dependent on the TV Size.

The amount of time needed for an installation may also vary due to the type of bracket being installed.

Get an aerial wall mounted.

TV wall mounting services offer Many other services such as TV aerials, helium antennas, CCTV cameras, TV tuning, DVDs, digital set top boxes, and all A.V equipment are among our services. installation of a home theatre. installation of an antenna and new television outlets.

CAT5 points, new television outlets distribution of pay television. Universal remote programming, satellite dish installation, television system coaching, multi-room media installation, and home automation are all services that we provide. antenna systems for commercial use, head ends, amplification, and system engineering and design.

wall mounting service

All sorts of televisions can be mounted on the wall, as well as home cinema design, multi-room audio, and SKY Glass. Insurance prices for broken televisions, off-the-shelf home cinema designs, and home theatre wiring TV points, home theatre, and antenna outlets are all pre-wired. Concealment of surround sound speaker cables, data cabling, home WIFI and more…

We have the best wall mounting service in Yorkshire and Humberside and the best tv wall installation service in the north east. TV Wall bracket installation services also offer, aerial repairs satellite, satellite repairs cctv, aerial installations satellite, aerials freeview aerial, radio aerial installations, mounting multiroom cctv, installation sky glass, freeview aerial dab.

We have the best tv fitting service, The best aerial fitting service. book an aerial, book an satellite, book a helium antenna, book an freesat, book today. samsung tv installation, sony tv installation. site visits avalibe. TV Aerials back again. Aerials take an hour and a tv installation takes an hour. Call me on our mobile anytime.

As TVs get slimmer and picture technology gets better, sound quality is suffering. There are many ways to improve your TV’s sound:

Purchasing a sound bar to accommodate your TV – Love great sound, but have limited room for speakers or other equipment? Consider a sound bar. These sleek speakers need minimal space and wiring. And many can be wall-mounted below your TV for a neat, clean install. The beauty of sound bars is their simplicity. Most feature built-in amplification, so you don’t need an external amp. And many use just a single digital cable to connect to your TV.

Install a Stereo Speaker System – Adding a stereo speaker system to your TV is a great way to get engaging sound. They need relatively little wiring, and offer easy speaker placement options. Stereo systems also offer rockin’ music playback. Start with a stereo receiver. Choose a pair of bookshelf speakers to save space, or go with floor-standing speakers for fuller sound. Round out your system with an optional powered subwoofer to beef up the bass.

Powered Bose home theatre systems: -Powered home theatre systems are complete solutions that deliver enveloping surround sound without a lot of bulk. These pre-matched systems include everything you need, including amplification and wiring. Many systems even include wireless surround speakers for stealthy rear effects.

Want to play your movie collection? Choose a system that includes a disc player for DVDs and Blu-rays. Love listening to music? Look for a system that offers built-in Bluetooth for streaming from your smartphone or tablet.

On all workmanship and equipment supplied there is a standard 12 month warranty unless described otherwise on the invoice.

Sometimes there is a cheap fix, other times there is a risk of doing it cheap and it will cost more in the long run. Sometimes it has been done that badly in the first place that it’s going to cost more to erectify an old system than it’s going to just install a brand new one from scratch. Sometimes, the old gear is that old that the whole lot just needs replacing.

In the end, the tv reception signals need to comply to certain requirements or it’s just not going to work. These requirements are described as per the requirements of digital broadcasting authorities. If these are not complied with – your tv reception will be no better off. Also, having too much signal can cause bad tv reception as well!

So do not worry, about it costing too much! We do free quotes! We give you a guarantee! We aim to make any tv reception repair job last 10-15 years – on a year to year basis, servicing your antenna compared with servicing your car will cost you peanuts! So call us now! or make a booking online.

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