TV Wall Bracket – which is best?

How do you decide which to choose?




Tv Wall Brackets come in various styles.  When purchasing a tv wall bracket for your television, you will need to know the correct measurements of the tv, these can be found directly from the user guide or simply by measuring it yourself.  If you decide to purchase a tv wall bracket online, it may also be a good idea to look up the manufacturer website for the details. Well known brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG often make user guides available to download.

There are three main tv wall bracket options to choose from:

  • Flush or Fixed – provides minimum space between the wall and the TV
  • Tilting – enables you to angle the TV down towards the seating area for optimum viewing
  • Extending or Dual-Pivot – ideal for TV’s in corners or free movement control

Each option has its strengths and weaknesses.

Flush or Fixed TV Wall Brackets

These tv wall brackets provide minimum space between the television and the wall, this increases the strength of the fitting and keeps the panel as close to the wall as possible. Some smaller TVs can be mounted directly onto plaster board without backing studs.

However by using this tv wall bracket and space saving, it limits the cabling access. This would work better with a  TV that has downwards, or side facing power and AV sockets so that the cables dont poke into the wall. You may also want to consider the need for cable management accessories such as right-angle HDMI adapters and wall plates or trunking to keep everything neat.



Tilting TV Wall Mounts

These tv wall brackets adjust with an up or down tilt.  Tilting brackets allow you to mount your TV higher to keep it away from pets or children.

Tilting brackets need more room behind them to account for the movable arms. If fitted incorrectly you risk causing damage to the walls as the mounting arm may scrape the plaster. Tilting brackets are ideal for very large, heavy TVs, so timber, stud or masonary mounting is neccesary.

These tv wall brackets would be best in a home theatre room and would help with avoiding sunlight or glare.



Extending TV Wall Mounts

Often described as a ‘Dual Pivot’ mount, these are large tv wall brackets that offer maximum flexibility. When using an extending wall mount, you can pull the TV out away from the wall, swivel it left and right, as well as tilt it up or down. They are versatile and cost effective.   Extending brackets require enough cable slack and management to ensure that all power and AV connections will reach when at full stretch, but still be tidy when retracted. Extending brackets can sag a little when extended, and require a very secure mounting point.

Best for recesses or corners.



For advise on how to install a tv bracket take a look at this: