TV Aerials..which are best to use?

How will i find out which is the best aerial for my property?

TV dertermine which aerial is best for your area,  would be based on the signal that is transmited.  High gain 4G aerials are now the most commonly used throughout homes across the Country. The recent switchover from analogue to digital TV meant a large number of homes required a new digital tv aerial installation. There are many different types of digital tv aerials. The type of aerial your property requires is dependant on your location as well as the aerials actual location and the quality of the reception in your area. Indoor aerials will not provide adequate signal for your tv’s.  So…Which Aerial Should I Use?

The most common digital tv aerial used throughout the UK are the YAGI aerials. These tv aerials are suitable in areas of good to moderate signal reception, however they will not work well in areas with insufficient reception cover. The majority of digital channels will be picked up within a good signal coverage area, however it will not pick all of the available channels up.

High Gain TV Aerials

Areas of extremely poor reception and signal coverage will require a High Gain Aerial.  These HG aerials will ensure that homes within a very poor reception area will receive at least some digital channels. It is common within these poor coverage areas to mounted HG Aerials onto a high mast to allow for clearer, unobstructed reception quality. These tv aerials would not be necassary for use in areas of good coverage, as the high gain aerial will pick up interference, and the clarity and picture quality will be disrupted.

Loft Mounted TV Aerials

Loft mounted TV aerials are generally installed within an areas of high signal strength. They would not be a suitable option for areas of low signal coverage as roof tiles, plumbing pipes, or any internal house cables can affect the quality of the reception. A good quality satellite coax cable could be used to improve the clarity or the picture quality. A signal amplifier or TV booster could also be used to improve the reception, signal and overall picture quality.

Helpful tips for a quality digital aerial installation.

Purchase an adequate Aerial for your areas coverage.
It is important to mount the tv aerial securely and aligned it correctly
Outdoor aerials should be mounted as high as possible.
Ensure the area in which the aerial is mounted is clear from tree’s, clutter etc
Never direct an tv aerial towards nearby trees, buildings etc.
Ensure cable is secured when routed into the house preventing flapping in the wind.
If your tv aerial reception deteriorates, some simple checks:

Damaged or bent aerials need replacing
Moved aerials, undamaged, need resecuring and re-aligning.
Cracked, damp coax cable needs replacing.


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