Magic eye

Magic Eye Installations – How does it work?

Magic Eye Installations, also known as Sky TV Links enable you to view your Sky channels from another room as well as change the channels on your Sky, Sky+ or Sky+HD box from another room.

In order to use a Magic Eye/TV Link, you will need an aerial cable running from your Sky box to the second television.

The link is a dongle that plugs into a second television and has an infrared receiver. By pointing a Sky remote at the receiver, it sends a signal down the aerial wire to a Sky box and changes the channels.

Magic Eyes are available from:

How do i connect Magic Eye Link?

At the back of your Sky box there are two aerial sockets, these are labeled RF1 Out and RF2 Out.

You need to connect an aerial extension lead from your second TV into the RF2 socket.

Rear of a Sky HD Box

The RF 2 socket is “powered”, this makes the magic eye link work. Do not plug it into RF1 Out!

Plug the other end of the extension lead into the TV Link, then plug the link into your television, finally position the small infrared pod somewhere in range of where you plan to point the remote control – most commonly next to your television.  Once the Magic Eye link is plugged in and working,  a red light will come on.   If you are using a signal amplifier / booster with a Magic Eye TV link you may have problems as the signal booster can block commands coming from the RF2 socket.  You will need a booster that supports a digital bypass.

If you want to install more than one TV Link, enabling you to watch Sky in multiple rooms around your house, a powered distribution amplifier is required. These are available in 2, 4, and 8 way versions.

See how easy they are to install: