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TV Aerials Newcastle-under-Lyme

Reliable and affordable aerial installations across Newcastle-under-Lyme and surrounding areas

Aerial Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme

At Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can attend and resolve all your installation queries and requirements. With over 20 years of experience, our engineers can attend to install, repair or quote for works. Our services include TV Aerial Installations, Aerial Repairs, Satellite Installations, Satellite repairs, realignments, re-tunes, Phone line and Socket Installations, CCTV and Communal TV systems. Our engineers are local therefore they have a good knowledge of the area and what requirements would suit your property.

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Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can repair all variety of TV Aerials, Aerial cable, Coax, Sky Dish, Freesat Dishes, Freeview boxes and all aspects of TV and Satellite Equipment. We can supply Wall Brackets or Install your own, whether it’s for a 23″ portable tv to a 50 inch, our TV and Aerial engineers have the expertise to deal with whatever our customers require.

Aerial Repair near me in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Furthermore, Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme ensure only the most current equipment is provided and all vans are stocked daily to enable the engineers to carry out any repairs or replacements on the same day. All new installations carry a 12-month warranty and we also offer a 10% OAP discount on full aerial or satellite installations. Over the years we have developed a reputation for delivering a high standard of work, we aim to provide the best customer service and our reviews say it all, our customers comments and praise is what makes working even more worthwhile.

Also, Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can also supply and install D.A.B (digital audio broadcast) and FM Radio Aerials. While we’re experts at providing Aerial Installations and Repairs within domestic properties we also have commercial contracts and can provide communal TV Systems, and CCTV within care homes, hotels, flats and schools. Our engineers are all trained to work at heights and we are fully insured with public liability and safe contractor certificates.

Call Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme and we can offer over the phone advice or quotations as well as booking an appointment for our engineers to attend to your needs. Call Sophie directly on 07850636902 or use the free phone number above.

TV Aerial installation Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme not only specialise in TV Aerials, Satellites, Wall Mounting and Multi-Room set ups within residential and commercial properties, we expanded into Phone Line installation and repairs and internet and broadband issues. We also install CCTV security systems and all at competitive prices.

Our engineers have years of experience in all these fields, we have full public liability insurance, and CRB/DBS certificates can be provided to ensure your peace of mind. Our aim is to do exactly what the customer requires, provide a great service, offer competitive prices to suit any budget and all done as professionally and respectfully as possible, leaving customers satisfied. Over the years our customers have passed on our details to family and friends and our reputation has grown, we are proud to be known as a trustworthy, reliable and respectful company.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme provide customer warranty on selected services, we guarantee to return should you come to encounter any problems and repair the problem free of charge.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme and Home cinema

Home Cinema Newcastle-under-Lyme

As High Definition television is now the popular choice for homes, Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can help and advise if you are looking to extend this to a High Definition Home Entertainment System. Creating a home theater is becoming more popular, as they are a place where families can gather and watch TV and movies together. Some can resemble a standard movie theater, however, most families just want a system set up within their favorite living space. We can help set up whatever the customer has in mind. We have helped to transform a garage as well as setting up audio and video systems within a living room, what ever you require we will help.

Most home entertainment systems also require surround sound speakers to create the ultimate movie experience. Most surround sound speakers come with the front left, right and center and rear right and left speakers. A sub woofer also delivers lower sound effects (explosions).

High Definition television combined with a surround sound system brings music, games, and music to life. Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can recommend the best equipment to suit your budget and install your home entertainment set up for you. We will help create your ideal family entertainment package. Call Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme today to discuss the options or book an appointment.

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Cord cutting is one of the biggest TV buzzwords in recent years. After years of having to pay hundreds of pounds a year to cable/satellite companies such as Sky and Virgin Media, you can now finally watch great programmes on your telly at a lower cost, without the need for a cable subscription.

But how do you cut the cord? What devices do you need, what are the best streaming services, and how much money can you actually save? I’m here to help, with the ultimate guide for UK cord cutters who are looking for alternatives to Sky and the like. So get your scissors out – and let’s start this journey.

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What Does “Cord Cutting” Mean?

Up until a few years ago, the only way to watch anything beyond the free, over-the-air channels (like the BBC), was to get an expensive, 12-months (or more) contract with a premium pay TV company such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT, etc’. You would pay anywhere from £30 to £60 a month, sometimes even more, and get a “package” of channels.

The more you paid – the more channels you got in your package. That, unfortunately, did not necessarily mean more good things to watch – as many of those channels were often useless to the average viewer, but you would still get them all as part of that unbreakable expensive “package”.

Back in the day, when you wanted to watch a show, you had to sit down and watch it live – exactly when it was broadcast on the channel. Then we had VCRs, then we had digital recorders such as TiVo, which were basically glorified VCRs – you could record shows and watch them whenever, but the actual recording still took place at the exact time the programme was broadcast.

Things have started to change once fast broadband came into the picture. Now, you can watch TV via your internet connection – and no, not just cat videos on YouTube, but actual TV programmes. There’s no need for “channels”, or telly guides listing broadcast hours – now, you subscribe to a cheap (and legal!) streaming TV service such as Netflix or NOW TV, and get your programmes directly to your TV (or phone, or tablet) via the internet.

The added plus – broadcast timings are a thing of the past with streaming TV services. The programmes are there in the cloud, waiting for you to watch when you want. And, in most cases, once a show is available on your streaming service, the whole series is already there for the taking, and you can watch the whole thing in one, long sitting (that’s called Binge Watching). Don’t forget the crisps!

To sum up, by becoming a cord cutter, you can:

Watch TV on your own time, wherever you want and on any device
Save hundreds of pounds a year
Ditch those annoying 12/18 months contracts

Cord cutter tearing up TV contract
What Do I Need For TV Cord Cutting?

If you want to watch TV without Sky or other cable companies, here are the things you need:
1. Fast Broadband

Once you cut the cable cord, most of your TV programmes will be streamed to you via the internet. And for that, you need broadband at a decent speed. The faster broadband you get, the more streaming you can do – and on more devices at the same time.
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Netflix’ official “speed recommendations” list a minimum of 5 Megabits per second for HD quality streaming, and 25 Megabits for 4K streaming.

In the real world – that’s just not enough. Sure, the streaming might WORK with a 5 megabits broadband connection, but you will probably get a lot of buffering, and there won’t be any internet bandwidth left for other online activities in your house (while streaming TV is being watched).

Buffering Definition
Streaming TV is being downloaded to your device in real-time. In order to prevent disruption in the middle of the programme/movie you’re watching, a small portion of it will be preloaded into your device.

Then, while you’re already watching, the device will keep downloading the next chunk and the one after that, with you still watching the previous chunk that was already downloaded.

If your broadband connection is too slow, the streaming device can’t keep up – you will ‘finish’ watching the preloaded part before the next one had enough time to download, and your programme will STOP, until the device can fill the buffer again – i.e., download the next chunk.
What Broadband Speed Do I Need For TV Cord Cutting?

For HD streaming on ONE DEVICE at a time, and no one else at your house doing anything “heavy” on the internet, the common 17Mb broadband package is usually enough.

If you have a bigger household, with more than one person intending to watch streaming TV at the same time (or use the internet for other heavy needs such as gaming), you should get a speed of at least 38Mb.

For 4K streaming on one device (and the possibility of HD streaming on other devices at the same time), I would recommend a speed of at least 50Mb.
Chart of Recommended Broadband Speed For Cord Cutters

Important Tip:
Get a broadband package with no monthly limits. Streaming TV downloads A LOT of data via your internet connection.

For example, An hour of HD content on Netflix will download up to 3GB of data. An hour of 4K content is up to 7GB of data. That means that even if you watch only 3 hours of HD TV a day, you would download 279GBs of data over a month.

So skip those broadband packages that limit your monthly data usage. As a cord cutter, you would reach those data caps pretty quickly.
2. A Streaming Device

So you have a fast enough broadband connection, you have a TV, now you need a device that will stream the programmes and movies you want to watch from the internet to your telly.

You can, of course, settle for watching everything on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet – if you have any children at home, you know that’s what many of them do these days.

But most cord cutters still want to watch at least some of the content on their TV, while sitting on the sofa with a bag of crisps. For that, you need a streaming device connected to your TV.

There are many devices out there – from small ones that hide behind your TV (such as the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick or the NOW TV Stick), to full-featured set-top boxes like the NOW TV Box, or gaming consoles (PS4, XBox One) that also function as TV streamers.

All these devices have their pros and cons, but if you want to jump right in, our recommendation for an all-around good streamer is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, with the Roku 4K Streaming Stick+ being another great option.

For a detailed comparison, see our Best TV Streaming Device In The UK For 2020.
3. Streaming Services

Before you cancel your current cable TV package (assuming you’re not under contract), you need to subscribe to a video streaming service that offers content on demand.
Woman watching netflix daredevil on tv

The three main paid options are:

Netflix (See our Review), at £8.99/month for the HD package with up to two simultaneous streams (to separate devices), or £11.99/month for the 4K package with up to four simultaneous streams.
Amazon Prime Instant Video (See our Review), at either £5.99/month for the video service or £79/year for the full Amazon Prime service which includes Prime Video.
NOW TV (See our Review): Sky’s monthly subscription service for cord cutters, at £8.99/month for the TV package, £11.99/month for the Cinema package, £3.99/month for the Kids package, and £33.99/month for Sky Sports.
Disney+ (See our review): Disney’s streaming service, with content from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. It normally costs £5.99/month or £59.99 for a full year

The streaming services all differ in their content offerings – Netflix and Amazon’s strong points are “box-sets” of programmes, where you get every episode of the series at once.

NOW TV has some of those as well, but focuses more on its catch-up service, with episodes coming up week-to-week. The plus side is that you get newer programmes as they’re being broadcast – such as The Walking Dead, Westworld, etc’. (Note that there’s also a way to watch the American version of Netflix in the UK – here’s how.)

We take an in-depth look at each of the streaming services on our dedicated reviews – but if you want to jump right in, some have a free trial (a month on Amazon, and 7 days on NOW TV. Netflix no longer has a free trial in the UK) – so you might as well check all of them and see which one’s better for you.

Check out our big list of streaming services that offer free trials here.

Of course, serious cord cutters might join more than one service at a time (that’s what I usually do) – and you would STILL pay less than you would for a comprehensive cable TV package.

But remember – unlike a cable contract, with streaming service you can easily cancel each of the services when you want to save some money, or just don’t have enough time to watch TV. And then, just as easily resubscribe – so there’s really no need to join ALL the services ALL the time.

In addition to the Big Four, there are several smaller streaming services in the UK that you might want to consider, such as:

BritBox UK (See our review): The joint streaming subscription service from ITV and the BBC, with a medium-sized archive of past British shows. It currently costs £5.99/month.
Apple TV Plus (See our guide): The streaming service from Apple, which you can get for free when you buy an Apple device, or pay £4.99/month. It’s made up entirely of original shows – but the number of titles is very low for now.
hayu (see our review): A streaming service dedicated to fans of American reality TV programmes, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.

How Can I Watch The Free Channels, Such As BBC One and Channel 4?

If you’re used to getting your TV from a cable company, then that’s where you’ve been getting your free channels as well (the BBC channels, ITV, etc’). When you cut the cord, can you still keep watching these channels?

Of course!

There are several ways to watch the free, over-the-air channels – online via the internet, with the Freeview service, the YouView service, or the Freesat service.

Most streaming boxes (and certainly the ones that I’ve mentioned here) already come with dedicated apps for the big UK free channels, or you could use your laptop. Some of the free content available online:

BBC iPlayer
Channel 4 Catch-up

With these apps and websites, you can stream programmes from your favourite free channels, directly to your TV, via the internet (just like with Netflix).

The selection usually includes both catch-up programmes (aired week-to-week) and box-set packages offering a full series. (Keep in mind that on channels with adverts such as ITV, you would need to watch adverts on their streaming apps/websites as well, though there’s a way to watch ITV without adverts).
Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker BBC
Doctor Who. Watch it on iPlayer or Freeview (Photo: BBC)

If you want to watch LIVE TV, you can do that via the internet as well – apps such as TV Player offer a selection of live free-to-watch channels, streamed to you over the internet.
What’s Freeview And How Can I Watch It?

Freeview, a joint venture of the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva, is the United Kingdom’s digital terrestrial television platform. It lets you watch over 80 free, over-the-air channels, without any subscription fees (except for an annual TV licence).

Freeview is perfect for cord cutters, because it complements your streaming services with live channels. While it’s true that with Freeview you still need to follow TV schedules and watch stuff on THEIR time (unless you use a Freeview Recorder or their 7-day catch-up service with Freeview Play), sometimes you just want to watch the news or a major live event, or just sit back and flip some channels – so Freeview is perfect for that.

To get Freeview, you need two things:

An aerial (either an outdoor one on your roof, or an indoor aerial connected directly to your telly) – See our Best Indoor Aerial For Freeview review roundup.
A Freeview receiver – If you have a newish TV, manufactured and sold in the UK after 2010, it should already have a Freeview tuner built in. Otherwise, or if you want more advanced features, you would need a dedicated tuner – see our Freeview Boxes review roundup.

With the right box (such as the Manhattan T3-R), you can also get Freeview Play – a combination of over-the-air channels and programmes on-demand via the internet, giving you access to the BBC’s iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5, all in one device. Of course, if you already have a decent streamer, you would already have these apps on that device.

See our full Freeview guide for all the information you need to start watching over-the-air channels for free.

Two other options for free channels are YouView, which is a similar service to Freeview, but requires a different box (see our YouView recommendations here), and Freesat, which uses a satellite dish and usually offers better reception (and more channels) – see our Freesat guide right here.

… And that’s it! Once you have fast broadband, a streamer box with a streaming TV subscription, and a Freeview aerial and tuner – you’re all set to cutting your TV cord!
How Much Money Can I Save With Cord Cutting?

It really depends on your circumstances, and how much telly you’re going to watch – the more streaming services you subscribe to, the more you will pay. Still, in almost every case, you will pay less than you would have for a cable TV contract.

Let’s look at a common example. We’re not including broadband prices as part of the comparison, since we’re assuming every household is paying for broadband these days, whether you use it for TV or not.

The Sky Entertainment+Cinema HD bundle, which currently includes:

Sky’s movie channels
300 Basic TV channels
35 entertainment channels including Sky Atlantic (but some are simply a part of Freeview)
A 1TB set-top box

This package usually costs £38/month + £20 installation fee at the time of this writing – with an 18 months contract. (so effectively £39.6/month) – Keep in mind it’s impossible to follow all the packages and deals traditional cable companies offer – but this is a common price as of 2019.

A similar cord cutter’s package includes:

Netflix – £8.99/month for the HD package – you get TV programmes + movies
NOW TV Entertainment Pass for Sky’s TV channels including Sky Atlantic – £8.99/month
Amazon Prime Instant Video – £79 for a year, which comes down to £6.5/month – you get TV programmes + movies.

This comes down to a total of £24.48 per month. (Even if you add a ONE TIME cost of a streamer – even a more expensive one – the effective price across the first 12 months would be around £26 per month.)
Cable TV UK price comparison 2019

Even if you add an indoor TV aerial for Freeview, or a Freeview box, it would still come out cheaper than most comparable TV packages.

Now, keep in mind, cord cutting is not JUST about cost. If you shop around enough, you might find cable TV deals that include cheaper broadband and mobile phone SIMs, for example, where the price ends up closer to a cord cutter’s price.

But by being a cord cutter, you get the freedom of choice: There are no contracts, you can add or remove streaming services whenever you want, depending on what you want to watch or your financial situation at that month.
Frequently Asked Questions
My favourite series isn’t on a subscription service – what can I do?

First, make sure the programme really isn’t available on any of the subscription services. You can use a site like JustWatch, where you pick a show, and the site shows you where it’s available.

If you do find it on a subscription service, the beauty of cord cutting is that you can join that service for a single month, just to watch that one programme you’re interested in (and possibly find out other programmes to watch while you’re there).

Still no luck? In most cases, you will be able to buy that specific programme directly, on VOD stores such as the Google Play Store or the Amazon Video Store.

You pay for the full series (even if it’s still being broadcast – you will get a message each time a new episode is available), and watch it on your TV using the relevant store’s app. A full series can cost anywhere between £4 and £25.
Can I watch sports as a cord cutter?

Sports are indeed a bit of a problem for cord cutters, as there aren’t a lot of options at this point. But things improved this past year:

A lot of sporting events are broadcast on the BBC, so you can watch them on the BBC iPlayer.
Freeview has the BT Sports Showcase channel, which shows a variety of games and sporting events, as well as the Freesports channel.
BT Sport now has a Monthly Pass that offers sports fans a flexible way of watching BT Sport on a month-by-month basis. Read more about it here.
You can subscribe to the NOW TV Sports Pass – they offer day, weekly and monthly passes, as well as a mobile-only pass. Learn how to get NOW TV for cheap with this guide.

Do I need to pay a TV licence fee?

The short answer is – Yes, for most people.

In the past, you only needed to pay a yearly licence fee for watching LIVE TV, but since September 2016, you also need to pay the fee if you watch ANYTHING on BBC iPlayer, and, as before, if you watch ANY live TV channels.

So the only way to skip the licence fee entirely, is if you don’t watch (or record) ANY live channels, AND you skip BBC shows entirely, on any device. See our full TV Licence Guide right here.
Can’t I just Torrent/download everything I want to watch, for free?

Technically, perhaps. But there are at least two very good reasons not to do this:

It’s illegal, and it could get you in trouble. Sure, a lot of people do it without legal consequences, but why take the risk when there are so many excellent, cheap and LEGAL options out there?
If you like to watch a lot of telly, it’s only right that you support the folks who create your favourite programmes. When you go to a restaurant, you pay for your food, because the chef had to buy the ingredients, he had to learn how to prepare your meal, and he had to stand there all day and actually make it for you – so you don’t have any problem with paying him. So why would you not want to pay the people involved with creating the TV programmes you’re watching?

I’m still under contract with my cable TV. Can I cut the cord?

If you have several months left on your cable contract, you’re in a bit of a pickle, as you would have to wait until the contract is done.

However, I would recommend you start your cord cutting journey BEFORE the official end of the contract. When you have two or three months left on your contract, start testing the waters.

Get a cheap streaming device, join Netflix (or you might already have Amazon Prime), and start checking out the programmes and movies, so you can see if the selection – and technology – is good for you.

That way, when IT IS time to leave your cable company, you will already know it’s a good option for you. Then, when the contract’s up, be sure to CANCEL it. Your cable company will kick and scream and offer you anything from a discount to a toaster made of gold (OK, I’m making that one up… I think) – Be strong!

Remember – if after a month or two of being a cord cutter you decide this isn’t for you for whatever reason, the cable company will be THRILLED to take you back. But at least give it a go first, before you sign up for another 12 months.

I assure you – most people who cut the cord, never look back.

Whats the difference between freest and freeview?2020-07-26T20:35:27+00:00

Freeview and Freesat users both get access to a digital TV service without paying a monthly fee or signing up to a contract. The difference is in the delivery:

Freeview: delivered through an aerial and a set top box.
Freesat: delivered through a minidish and a set top box.

And that delivery difference has several consequences for users.

The biggest difference is in terms of coverage.

The way Freesat is broadcast means its coverage is total. Freeview, on the other hand, may well be available to more than 98% of the UK, but those with poor signal – such as those in the 15% of households that can only receive 15 core channels – will be better off with Freesat.

Anyone who’s unsure should check what services they’re likely to get with Freeview should check on their site, here, using their postcode and house number.
Upfront costs

Installing a satellite dish is the more expensive option.

For those who don’t already have a dish, installation starts at around £80. Expect to add at least £30 to that cost for Freesat+ or multiple box installations because of the need for extra cables and connections.
Freeview boxes
The UK’s cheapest freeview box
The top five freeview boxes

People who already have a dish – such as former Sky customers – will still need to buy a new Freesat-specific box, but then it’s simply a case of switching the cables across.

Basic Freesat set top boxes start at about £44.

Freesat-enabled TVs tend to be among the higher spec models out there, with price tags to match – but they’ll also come with features like ultra HD.

Freeview, on the other hand, requires a traditional TV aerial, and either a Freeview enabled TV – which is the norm these days – or a set top box. Basic boxes can cost as little as £20.
Channel choice

So why pay more for Freesat?

The number of channels available on Freeview is steadily increasing: more than 70 are now widely available, with up to 12 in HD; there are more than 20 radio stations on offer on top of that.

But that pales into insignificance compared with Freesat’s mighty offering of a good 200 TV and radio channels.

People who opt for the Smart version of Freesat – called Freesat with Freetime – will also get access to a full range of digital terrestrial catch-up TV services and on demand content that might otherwise only be available through a pay TV provider: Curzon Home Movies, for example, is otherwise only available to those with BT TV.

Bear in mind however, that some channels such as Sky News and those from UK TV, like Dave and Gold, are available on Freeview but not on Freesat.
High definition options

Freeview offers up to 12 HD TV channels:
BBC channels One, Two, Three, Four*, News*, CBBC, CBeebies*
Channel 4 Channel 4, 4+1*, 4/7*
Other Al Jazeera*

Channels marked with an asterisk are available to about 70% of UK homes.

Freesat, by contrast, offers all of the above apart from Al Jazeera. Instead it offers NHK World in HD.

Bear in mind though, that while a Freeview HD box can cost as little as £40, and HD comes as standard with Freesat now, viewers will still need at least an HD-ready TV set to enjoy the boost in picture quality.
Recording programmes

For those willing to invest a little extra in their TV habit, both Freeview and Freesat offer set-top boxes with the ability to record programmes.

As with Youview and Sky, the difference is marked by a tiny change in the terminology. Boxes that can record are denoted by the addition of a “+” – so that’s Freeview+, Freesat+, Youview+, Sky+ and so on.

Both provide an eight day TV guide, and they’ll feature some sort of series link option, allowing users to set up automatic recordings of a whole series with just a couple of button pushes.

A decent Freeview+ HD recorder will cost from £130; Freesat + HD recorders start from £99, but around £150 is more common.
What if you want more?

Having decided on a viewing platform – Freeview or Freesat – there are a couple of other details to consider.

We’ve already mentioned them in passing when talking about services that allow users to record programmes: Youview and Freesat from Sky.

They’re the services we’ve already outlined, but with a little extra:

Youview: Like Freeview, but with more catch-up services as standard; the basis for digital terrestrial pay TV services.
Freesat from Sky: delivered like Freesat, but with equipment or a viewing card from Sky


Because it’s associated with the pay TV services offered by BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet, there’s a perception that Youview costs more – but it doesn’t have to.

Youview and Youview+ boxes are sold on the high street just like Freeview boxes; rather than offering just BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, they provide the full range of catch-up services – just like the pay TV providers, but without the need for a monthly subscription.

The only things missing from shop-bought Youview boxes are the extra “premium” channels and provider-specific on demand content.

A basic Youview box costs more than a basic Freeview box – the most commonly available one is the Humax box offered by BT and Plusnet, which retails for £99.

But Youview+ boxes are much more comparable in price to their Freeview+ equivalents, starting from around £150 and offering different features and a bit of variety in the size of the hard drive.

It was this extra choice and the thought of going subscription-free that lead to many people with BT TV buying extra boxes from the high street – but in August 2014 BT clamped down on the use of boxes not bought from them.
Freesat from Sky

As Freesat uses the Sky Digital Viewing Platform, it would be easy to assume that the services offered by standard Freesat and Freesat from Sky are identical.

But as anyone who’s heard it’s possible to get BT Sport without a Sky or BT TV subscription will tell you, that’s not the case.

Certain channels, listed below, are only available to people with Freesat from Sky. Those with standard Freesat can “upgrade” by ordering a viewing card from Sky for a one-off fee of £25.
Regional versions of BBC One and Two, Channel s 4 and 5, and ITV, STV or UTV Local TV channels 4Music
Motors TV Sony Entertainment TV / +1 Sony Movie Channel / +1

There’s more on how to add BT Sport to that list in this guide.

Alternatively, those without the kit can get Freesat from Sky for £175 all in – that is, for the set top box, viewing card, dish and installation. Bear in mind, however, that the box is a basic one: it offers HD but can’t record.

For that, customers will get more than 240 free-to-air channels and 85 radio stations.

And as well as allowing for monthly subscriptions to other TV services, it makes upgrading to full Sky much easier should they be tempted.
In conclusion

Since the analogue switch off began in earnest, all TVs sold have come with Freeview as standard, and converting the remaining older TVs has been made much easier by the existence of incredibly cheap Freeview boxes.

For those starting out, this makes Freeview the easier, if not necessarily more appealing, option.

The equipment alone means Freesat will undoubtedly remain the more expensive option, with entry-level Freesat and Freesat+ boxes costing around £20 more, and installation to consider.

But viewers get far more channels, and for many in areas with poor aerial reception it’s the only way to get more than the old terrestrial channels, and often in better quality.

For those who already have a satellite dish, the advantages and relatively small further cost required to invest in Freesat make it seem very much worthwhile – and for the Sky-curious, Freesat from Sky is a commitment-free way to test the waters.

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Who helps with my Sky dish if im moving home?2020-07-26T20:31:36+00:00

If you’re moving home then you shouldn’t have to leave Freesat behind.

Simply take your box and any connections with you and, if your new home has an existing satellite dish you should be able to connect straight to it.

If you need to arrange for a dish to be installed in the new house, or if you experience any issues using your existing equipment with the new dish please give us a call on 0800 031 5363 and we’ll put you in touch with your local, Freesat-approved engineer.

Why do i have missing TV channels?2020-07-26T20:29:32+00:00

If you encounter channels missing from your TV guide, put your Freesat box or Freesat TV into standby for 30 seconds and then switch it back on again. This should see everything restored; If this does not work you’ll need to do a quick ‘Freesat channel scan’. Instructions for this can be found in your product manual, or give us a call on 0345 313 0051 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you do perform a Freesat channel scan, it’s worth making a note of your scheduled recordings and re-setting them once the scan is complete to be sure you won’t miss out.

WHY DO I HAVE NO FREESAT SIGNAL?2020-07-25T21:12:27+00:00

Extreme weather conditions (such as driving rain, strong winds or snow) can affect the satellite signal.

In the event of calm weather and your Freesat box or TV reporting no signal there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve it.

First, make sure all the connections at the back of the box/TV to the dish are securely tightened; then try doing a channel scan, or first time install to see if this restores any lost channels.

In the event that this doesn’t resolve the issue, there may be a problem with either the alignment of the dish, or some interference in the LNB (the protrusion at the end of the dish that the wires connect to). Give us a call on 0800 031 5363 and we’ll be able to advise on next steps and if necessary, put you in touch with your local, Freesat-approved engineer.

Freesat Installers in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme is happy to help customers install their Freesat boxes within their homes it is an excellent way of accessing over 100 digital TV channels and 80 radio stations without paying a monthly subscription. All you require is a Freesat or Freesat+ box and a Satellite Dish and we can set up and connect it up for you, tuning in all available channels.

Also, Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can either set up the Freesat box to an existing dish or install a new Satellite Dish and the cabling. We will tune in all the available channels, and if you have opted for the Freesat+ then you will require twin cabling to enable the pause, rewind & record live features. We also advise and set up TV Multi-room as part of our services. Call Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme and we will attend as soon as we can.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme install Freeview

Freeview Aerial Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme

At Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can help install and set up your Free View system. Since 2010 all televisions now have Freeview built in, so the most important thing you will require is a digital aerial strong enough to pick up the Freeview signal. Most aerials are positioned on the roof of a property in order to receive the best signal strength. Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can connect an existing aerial for customers or we can install and set up a new aerial for you. Alternatively, some properties use a Free View box, again this requires an aerial in order to receive all the channels.

Did you know that Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme will install a digital aerial, bracket and lashing kit, coax cabling into the room or rooms of your choice ensuring that you have as many channels as possible. Customers will have access to free, non-subscribed television and radio channels. Freeview now provides HD channels, these include BBC HD, ITV1 HD, and 4HD. This improves viewing as both the picture and audio experience are enhanced. As with Freesat, Freeview carries no monthly subscription charges.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are considering having an aerial installation to watch the Freeview channels. Our team will arrange a visit and the engineers will be more than happy to come along and set up the service for you. Learn more about Freeview Here or Call free today on 08000132341.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme

What Are The Costs of an Aerial Installation by Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the area that your property is situated in. The quality of the television signal received varies all over the UK as well as within your actual area of residence. The cost also depends on how many rooms you require the aerial to be connected to. The more rooms that the aerial runs to reduces the signal strength, therefore a better quality aerial would be recommended or an amplifier. Our engineer will always discuss all the options with you and provide a quote before going ahead with any work. Typical Installation Charges at Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme are:

Basic Single Point Aerial – £99+vat

The Medium Range Aerial – £119+vat

The Super18 Range Aerial – £139+vat

The Pro Range Aerial – £179+vat to £229+vat

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme offer CCTV Installation Services

CCTV Installation in Newcastle-under-Lyme

At Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme engineers are also fully qualified CCTV system installers. Whatever you require, whether it’s a low budget or a high-end system, we will do our best to find the perfect set up for you. Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme will install within residential and commercial properties helping you keep your homes and businesses secure.

Our company can create a bespoke system perfectly designed for your property, we provide a range of equipment, spec, and quality, to accommodate all budgets. Our engineers will call and carry out a free, no obligation site survey, where you will be educated on the variety of products that are available and provided with a quote, or quotes, should you want to know the prices of the different systems on the market.

CCTV has become increasingly popular within both residential homes and business premises, knowing that your valuables are being monitored around the clock ensures peace of mind as well as reducing the likelihood of a crime being committed as thieves or vandals will think twice when they see the CCTV. CCTV systems enable you to view your property from anywhere around the world as they can be accessed through laptops, ipads, and smartphones.


Options to have audio connected to the cameras is also another option and this can be fitted during the installation.

For more information on the equipment that is available at Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme or to book for the engineer to come along and carry out a site survey, call today and we will be happy to assist 07850636902

TV aerials Newcastle-under-Lyme Home Cinema Systems

Best Home Cinema Systems Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can help and advise which home cinema systems will bring the big screen experience into your very own living room. We can advise on everything from the design to the setup.

So what do most home cinema set ups include? Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme will supply, fit and install the system of your choice, connecting your television and speakers, finally ending the service with a full demo on how to use the equipment and controls.

A basic set up would simply require a surround sound speaker system connecting to the television. The engineers can also wall mount televisions and speakers as well as offer solutions for discreetly hiding any cabling.

TV Wall Mounting in Newcastle-under-Lyme

A multi room system allows the family to watch on-demand in HD in all rooms within the property. The family can all watch what they prefer at the same time. Once the main infrastructure is installed further rooms can then be added at any time. Radio and music systems can also be set up into multi rooms.

For customers wanting large home cinema systems creating or a multi-room set up, then a site survey is always advisable in order to plan and discuss options and costs. Our installations carry a 12 month warranty and any equipment carries a 2 year warranty.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme Soundbar Installation

Soundbar Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can help and advise on creating the best sound for home viewing from tour TV. We can advise on where to mount your sound bar for the best impact. If you’re looking to get the very best sound from your television then you may have considered sound bar installation or a home audio system.

The sound bar is a slim, effective sound unit projecting clear, cinema sound within the room. The sound bar will be wall mounted to ensure the best sound quality.

Wall Mount your Sound Bar

The engineers will call to your home, investigate and provide their best advise. They can install the sound bar neatly and effectively and all our installations carry a 12 month warranty.

Call the Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme office today for more information, a quote or to book for one of the engineers to attend your property 07850636902

Aerials Newcastle-under-Lyme TV Wall Mounting Services

TV Wall Mounting Services Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme can supply, fit and install a variety of TV Wall Brackets or we are happy to come along and install your own. Regardless of the wall type, whether it be plasterboard, stone, brick, or a chimney breasts we will ensure we have the correct fixtures and fittings to secure the television onto your wall, wherever you desire it.

The engineers do carry a variety of fixtures and fittings on their vehicles, however, the office staff will also ask as many questions about the install as possible, when booking the work in, therefore the engineers know what they are coming out to do.

TV Bracket Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme

We do supply heavy duty wall brackets for insurance purposes and we provide a variation in bracket type, such as a standard flat bracket, tilt brackets, articulated arm brackets, and cantilever/swivel brackets.

Where possible we will conceal the cabling, supplying discreet trunking that can be painted over to blending with the wall or alternatively cables can be concealed within the wall behind the television.

For all your wall mounting questions answered please call Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme today on freephone 08000132341 or direct 07850636902

Surround sound installers Newcastle-under-Lyme

Installation of Audio Systems in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme is finding that more and more family homes are requesting audio throughout their house, most commonly we install wireless networks. These are commonly known as Sonos, Sonos are basically the best set up of Wi-Fi speakers and audio equipment. It connects your music collection onto an app that can be controlled through a smart device or remote control. You could play whatever you like in every room.

Speakers will either be wall mounted, free standing or built into the ceiling. Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme will discuss your requirements when we come out to survey the property. We will supply, fit and install the Sonos equipment or we are happy to install the system once you have purchased one.

Audio Installers near me in Newcastle-under-Lyme

We will help all customers design the best system to suit their home and budget, we like to know that the customer can enjoy their home audio system for years to come.

If an audio system is something you might consider for your property then please call Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme today and we will be more than happy to come along and advise you with your decision making.

Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme Telephone Repairs Near Me

Phone Line Repairs Newcastle-under-Lyme

At Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme employs qualified independent telephone and internet engineers who have years of experience within the telephone trade. As ex-BT engineers, they have the knowledge and expertise to help with faults, repairs, and replacements.

Our engineers can install or repair telephone and internet sockets and lines, repair faults, recite master sockets, rewire, as well as installing Ethernet cabling for WIFI internet networking.

We provide our telephone services to both residential and commercial customers and have worked for care homes, hotels, doctors surgeries and more. All our installations carry a 12-month warranty. For any telephone or internet inquiries please call us at Aerial Newcastle-under-Lyme today on 07850636902 or free phone 08000132341.

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