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Digital Aerial Installations

Digital Aerial Installations are one in the UK as leading Aerial and Satellite Installers and with over 20 years experience in the trade, you are guaranteed that we will be more than able to provide you with a reliable and quality service.

In our ever changing world, TV is changing too. Gone are the bulky black or silver box that takes up the corner of the room. We are seeing flat screens in just about every room of the home. Flat screen technology means Digital and High Definition. Both boasting better picture quality and sound experience.

With Digital comes the need for a more reliable signal to ensure you don’t suffer breakup of the picture or no picture at all.

Digital Aerial Installations  UK have changed too. They are being designed with Digital reception, Freeview, and Freesat, in mind. There are standards that aerials have to meet to be reliable for Digital reception, now and in the future.

And for the future, we will be following the technology changes that will affect your Television viewing. Freeview HD, 4K, and Smart TV are the current talked about systems that are to further enhance the viewing experience.

We have the experience and local knowledge which ensures a quality Television Aerial installation to provide you with the required  signals your Digital TV needs.

There are situations where Digital Freeview just won’t work. We have a solution; Freesat. This is a service led by the BBC which is received via Satellite.

Digital Aerial Installations can provide you with an Installation where you can not only receive most of what you would have with Freeview but additional free channels too. What’s more, you can enjoy High Definition broadcasts freely available on Freesat.

What makes us stand out from the rest


  • We are DigitalUK Registered so we can advise you with confidence, of products designed for Digital reception.
  • Peace of mind is assured with £10 Million Public Liability Insurance.
  • Health and Safety CSR registered.
  • Health and Safety Working at Heights trained.
  • Trained in Fibre Optic Installation and Testing.
  • All work carried out as per Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) Codes of Practice and Safe Operating Procedures.
  • Administrator Member of the Aerial Installers Support Forum.
  • Contributing Member of
  • Founder of
  • Recommended Installer for the UK

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