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TV Aerials UK provide a variety of services at affordable prices.  For over twenty years we have been providing services across the UK, ensuring that we remain up to date with all the latest technology and developments.  TV Aerials UK has gained the knowledge and experience within the industry to help you find the best solutions for your aerial problems.

Our many services include digital aerial installations, freesat/ satellite installations, multi- point TV systems including sky distribution throughout the house via  multiroom IO links.  We are also happy to repair and attend to any general aerial and satellite faults.  We can also wall mount televisions, repair and install phone lines as well as supply, fit and install CCTV systems.  All our services are offered throughout the UK.  We provide free over the phone quotations and our office staff are on hand 6 days a week to help and advice.  Our Aerial engineers offer a high level of customer service, and pride themselves in ensuring good quality installations.  

To ensure the best possible television reception within your home or business, contact us today for a free quote.

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About TV Aerials UK

TV Aerials UK have been installing aerials and satellites for over 20 years you have our guarantee that we can provide a reliable and quality service.

Over the years televisions have changed dramatically, long gone are the huge black and silver televisions that weighed more than the house and took up half the room.  Today we have flat screen televisions with digital and high definition technology, providing better picture quality and sound experience.  With the introduction of “Digital” comes the desire for a more reliable signal ensuring the best quality picture available.  TV aerials UK have therefore had to change too, maintaining our first class service by ensuring our engineers are up to date with all the new technology and equipment.  Aerials are now designed with digital reception, freeview, and freesat, in mind. There are standards that need to be met to enable the best digital reception. All the aerials that we install are digital compatible and Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) bench-marked .   In some areas of the country, where digital freeview isn’t available. One solution would be to install freesat.  This service is led by the BBC and is received via a satellite dish.  TV Aerials UK can provide a satellite installation, you will then receive most of what you would have with freeview tv as well as some additional free channels too. Customers can also enjoy high definition broadcasts freely available on freesat. 

TV Aerials UK can offer all our customers peace of mind.  We are insured with £10 million public liability insurance, are safe contractor registered, are trained in health and safety and working at heights, and all our work carries a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

FreeSat Installtions

Freesat delivers a similar digital TV service to Freeview but via satellite rather than a Digital Aerial. With no contract and no monthly bills its one of the best free TV services on the market today. Freesat generally requires a set top box unless its integrated with your Smart TV and, in contrast to Freeview, It requires a satellite dish.

Freesat delivers over 140 subscription-free digital TV (free-to-air channels) and  Digital radio channels, including the standard BBC, ITV and Channel 4 channels, E4, More4, Film4, BBC News, Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN, with an eight-day electronic programming guide (EPG). Freesat is also Dilivers a number of HD channels currently available from both BBC and ITV also giving the option to record  if you buy the HD Plus box providing you with user-friendly menus, weather, news, sport and much more.

Aerial and Satellite Services Sheffield can ensure a worry-free installation of your Freesat service. We will promise that the correct installation provides you with a clear picture and perfect sound.

Freesat is amazing for areas in Sheffield that have very little reception and have constant trouble with there signal. A simple dish and box can be the answer and we can also do multi points with catch up TV so every member in the family get to have hassle free perfect HD Freesat TV. We will then take down your aerial if you request it doing and any unused cabling.

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TV Brackets & Wall Mounting

TV Aerials UK are also trained and experienced in this field and can offer a quality service, mounting your televisions within any home or business.  We can provide all sizes and types, whether you require a fixed or swing bracket, from 19 inch to 80 inch.  We can supply, fit and install any bracket for you or we can simply install your own.  We offer competitive prices and warranty on all the brackets that we provide.  

We always ensure a two man team attends a TV wall bracket installation and we can offer expert advice on cable embedding or trunking. 

We are committed to ensuring our customers receive the latest advice regarding any new technology and have the experience and expertise to handle all digital TV installations.

Mounting your television onto the wall increases your flexibility and  interaction with the television set.  The various styles of bracket gives you different viewing options.  TV Wall Brackets are now available thin, tilting, swiveling or with cantilever movements. 

Telephone Engineers

TV Aerials UK has qualified telephone and broadband engineers who specialise in domestic wiring or small business telephone systems.

Telephone equipment and wiring within a home or business are vulnerable to damage and corrosion, especially as they are affected by the weather.  The more joins and boxes you have increases the chances of faults accruing.  Some typical faults that occur on telephone lines are noise interference, disconnection or a short circuit. 

Our  services include fitting telephone extension sockets, fault finding and repairs, telephone point relocation, rewires and tidy-up’s to enhance broadband speed, cat 5 extensions (to pc, tv, sky, xbox etc) , telephone systems.

As ‘Smart’ devices have become more popular such as TV’s and SKY Boxes that have the ability to interact directly with the internet. Fitting a Data Connection Point behind your TV enables a steady ‘always on’ internet service, that helps these devices work to their full potential.  We can assist with all your wifi/internet services

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CCTV Installations

TV Aerials UK have been installing CCTV systems into homes and businesses throughout the UK for many years now. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure our customers receive the most reliable, easy to use, robust systems.

We have built our business through reputation, hard work and customer word of mouth. Our trained engineers have an excellent understanding of the latest security technology and we aim to provide you with a system that meets your budget, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We supply a wide range of CCTV technology, keeping up with all the latest equipment.  The systems allow you to monitor your home or business from your phone, tablet or computer, from anywhere worldwide.  Our support is continued and all installations carry a twelve month warranty.  Please call to book an appointment to recieve a free quote for all your CCTV requirements

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Commercial Installations

TV Aerials UK specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial television systems within apartment blocks, hotels, schools, and care homes across the UK.  We also upgrade existing systems to deliver the latest Sky +, multi-channel viewing and recording functions alongside.  From a basic IRS system with a master aerial, which receives and distributes analogue and free view signals into guest bedrooms and apartments to the more complex Free Shared Dishes and Satellite Master Antennas enabling a sophisticated  full digital experience.  TV Aerials UK specialise in upgrading existing apartment blocks, allowing each resident to enjoy a full range of digital TV and radio services available.  Upgrading is often necessary as the majority of apartment blocks were originally built when Sky only needed one single feed. The introduction of Sky + HD meant that a dual feed was necessary to enable all the new features.  

 Free Shared Dishes (FSD) – TV Aerials UK can install Free Shared Dishes that provide Sky programs to apartments. Tenants can enjoy the full range of satellite channels all from one (or two) dishes installed onto an apartment block.  Having a free shared dish allows one dish to serve many apartments which prevents the apartment block having multiple dishes installed onto the building.  Each dish can potentially supply up to 24 apartments. 

We can visit your apartment block and carry out a free survey to determine the best options to install and connect the Free Shared Dish(es).   All of our engineers are fully trained and have the experience to advise, design and install hotel and communal aerial systems.  Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation site visit.  We can discuss your requirements and start to design a system that suits your immediate and future needs.